The Law of the Ballroom

The big question this week on "Dancing with the Stars" is "Are the rules meant to be broken?"

According to the judges, and the answer is an emphatic "no!" While most of us see it as just entertainment, these judges are serious and are willing to give the two best dancers on the show, Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence, some seriously low scores to prove their point.

In the ballroom dancing world, the rules are the "law" and the penalties are stiff. All the hard work and effort by the dancers can and will be thrown out the window for a violation of the "law." While I disagree with the judges extremely low scores for the violations of the rules, I understand their point that this is a competition and the rules are in place to provide a benchmark by which they can assess the dancer's programs. And most importantly, the judges are not to be defied. So please, Mario and Joey, straighten up for the sake of the viewers, because we definitely can't imagine a world in which Jerry Springer takes the win because of a technicality!

Written by Maria Schweitzer