Soccer Star Landon Donovan Files For Divorce

It's been a record year for professional sports stars and divorce. From Tiger and Elin to the McCourts, divorce attorneys in Pasadena and celebrity couple watchers have seen dozens of sports couples in 2010 call off their marriages. The latest sports world celebrity to get divorce is soccer star Landon Donovan.

Donovan, who plays for the L.A. Galaxy, and actress wife Bianca Kajlich filed for divorce in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Donovan and Kajlich would have celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary later this week.

"We remain the closest of friends and will always be important parts of each other's lives," the couple said in a joint statement.

But some surprising details of the split were found in the couple's divorce papers. According to TMZ, Donovan didn't use a fancy Los Angeles law firm to file his papers... he filed them himself! What's more, the soccer star is asking Kajlich for spousal support.

Problems for the pair started in July of last year. The couple separated amidst allegations that Donovan fathered a love child with a British woman. The star scoffed at the rumors during last year's ESPY Awards, telling E! Online, "I will not be a dad any time soon, which is good news for me."

Donovan claimed he was "informed of the possibility" that he could be a father during the World Cup. While not denying the affair, Donovan told reporters at the time that if the allegations regarding paternity were true, "I will provide the appropriate support."

Although Donovan did not turn out to be the father of the child, he and Kajlich remained separated. The divorced pair has no children together but will have plenty professionally to keep themselves busy. Kajlich has two new films coming out in the new year, while Donovan is rumored to be returning to Everton, the British team that launched his career.