Star Jones Served Papers by Ex-Husband

Anybody in the middle of a contested divorce in Pasadena can attest that agreements with exes are tricky things. On one hand, if you keep your end of the bargain, there is a possibility of keeping the peace and remaining happy. On the other hand, if the agreement is violated, there could be an embarrassing and costly price to pay. According to Al Reynolds, his ex-wife, talk show host and author Star Jones, violated an agreement the pair had not to make "disparaging remarks" about their marriage - and now Reynolds is suing Jones for $50,000 in damages.

The union of Star Jones and Al Reynolds back in 2006 was a highly-publicized affair. The wedding was said to be a multi-million dollar event and Jones was rumored to have rustled up corporate sponsors to donate merchandise and clothing to the event. Sadly, the marriage didn't last and in 2008 Reynolds and Jones divorced. All was quiet on the Jones-Reynolds front for years until Jones made a series of appearances promoting her participation on the reality hit The Celebrity Apprentice. According to Reynolds, Jones broke their agreement to let marital bygones be bygones when she sat down with talk show host Wendy Williams on March 28 for an interview in which she called her marriage to Reynolds "kind of booty."

Reynolds struck back with a violation of agreement contract lawsuit and is seeking financial damages. His legal team apparently had trouble tracking down Jones this summer as she has been on a book tour for her novel, Satan's Sisters. The hunt ended last week when Jones was found and served with papers at a book signing in East Hampton, New York. Witnesses at the event say Jones was "noticeably upset" after being served the papers by the processor who also snapped a picture of her.

Jones' rep and a rep for her publisher both denied requests to comment on this story for the New York Daily News.