What Is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce in Pasadena occurs when you or your spouse has filed a petition and the other party does not agree with the terms he or she is asking for. Areas of disagreement may include child support, child custody, visitation, alimony, and/or the division of marital assets.

A contested divorce is not ideal, but it's far from uncommon. Many couples have disagreements in one or more key areas of the settlement.

To avoid a trial, you can try enlisting the services of a divorce mediator. This is a neutral third party who can help you and your spouse reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Mediators charge a fee for their services, but it is still cheaper than resorting to litigation.

If mediation is not an option, one of you will have to have your lawyer file a form to set a trial date. Then, a judge will decide the terms of your settlement. After the judge makes his or her decision, both sides have 60 days to appeal.

Since it can be time consuming to go through a contested divorce, you can request temporary orders to handle issues such as child support and child custody. These orders will expire upon the date of the trial. Their purpose is to make sure the immediate needs of the family are being taken care of.

If you want to be free to legally marry again or want to obtain single taxpayer status for financial reasons, you can request a bifurcation of marital status. This will legally end the marriage, but leave the disputed issues open to be decided at a later date. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian recently took this approach in her contested divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries.

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