Bodybuilder Craig Titus Targets Witness' Credibility


This case just shows you how easy it is for law enforcement to identify killers in most cases.  Here we have evidence of the suspects, Craig Titus and his wife, Kelly Ryan buying a large amount of lighter fluid and burning the victim's body (Melissa James)  in Kelly Ryan's car.  After the murder, both suspects fled Nevada and headed east.  We also have evidence of Titus making tape recorded jail house confessions.  This should be a pretty easy case for the prosecution.

Craig Titus is extremely out of touch with reality when we look at his desperate attempts to escape prosecution.  He has reportedly been trying to entice law enforcement officials to conduct investigations into the alleged criminal behavior of several witnesses that will be called to testify against him.  Imagine the likelihood of our government letting Craig Titus off the hook for murder, in exchange for his information that may lead to a drug bust!

Written by Donald P. Schweitzer