Is Naomi Campbell...A Criminal Or Just A Bad Judge Of Character?


Last week, Britain's Crown Prosecution Service released a statement that Naomi Campvell will not be charged with assault because there is insufficient evidence. Charges were not filed in part because there was the complaintant has left Britain and would not return to testify. Also, there was also a report from E! reporter Gina Serpe, that indicated that Britain's Crown Prosecution said it would not add to to Campbell's already extensive RAP sheet over the alleged incident. This statement indicates there is something wrong with the prosecution. Criminal charges are not filed based on how well they may add or detract from a person's RAP sheet. We are not talking about a job resume!

If there are mitigating factors involved in the case or if there is a lack of evidence, fine. But, whether or not the charges add to the person's RAP sheet is irrelevant.

Another issue with this case is that Ms. Campbell appears to be using a lot of people as scapegoats for her behavior. Ms. Campbell is quoted as saying that she needs to be a better judge in finding people to assist her, as if that is her only fault. It seems to me that a person facing criminal charges should show a little remorse for her actions. She needs to admit she has an anger management problem and show the court and her fans that she is taking steps (such as going to a class) to address this problem.

There is nothing about Ms. Campbell's recent statements or behavior that would lead us to believe she will be changing her ways in the near future.

Written by Donald P. Schweitzer