The Death Of Princess Diana Is A Tragic Accident


A two year, $7.3 million inquiry into the death of Princess Diana by 15 British investigators has concluded what all the previous investigations have found. The 1997 car crash was a tragic accident.

Princess Diana's billionaire boyfriend's (Dodi Al-Fayed) father, Mohammed Al-Fayed, still believes the accident was as a result of foul play and is quoted as saying that he should not be contradicted because he is a grieving father.  I think he is right.  Arguing with him about the cause of his son'sdeath is in poor taste.  If the grieving father wishes to pour his own money into a further investigation, so be it.

However, the government has spent over seven million dollars investigating this case and the results show this was a "tragic accident."  This conclusion should also be respected.  Spending anymore of the tax payers's money on this case would be ludicrous.

Written by Donald P. Schweitzer