5 Ways To Reduce Your Stress During A Divorce


The process of a divorce, which can last months and in many cases years, can be a painful and exhausting experience which can leave one drained, and stressed at the same time. Whether it's dealing with the numerous court appearances, difficult negotiations, or arranging custody with an unreasonable ex, taking time to clear your mind and relieve tension will be important for you to endure and succeed through the process. Here are 5 ideas to calm your mind and recharge your soul.

1. Get Physical

Get off the couch and get your body moving. Doing an activity you enjoy is the key to keeping consistency. Try hiking, roller-skating, or riding a bike. If you're daring, and physically fit, try a physical activity you enjoyed as a teenager! Make sure to clear any physical activity with your doctor if you haven't been active in a while.

2. Take Up a New Hobby

Try something new, like painting, writing, or dancing. Signing up for a class can help you get started. Many community colleges offer no-credit classes at reasonable rates for a variety interest. Our local college offers classes like fencing, belly-dancing, 2-day film school, and poetry writing.

3. Join a Social or Sports Group

Meeting new people is good for the soul and is a way to create a fresh start. Sporting groups such as softball or volleyball leagues can provide both a social and physical outlet. Check the internet or your church for groups that meet in your area.

4. Volunteer

Helping other people in need can give you some perspective on your own situation and will help you create positive energy in a way that is useful to you and the people you assist. www.Volunteermatch.org can direct you to organizations in your area that need volunteers.

5. Practice Yoga

The practice of yoga has both a physical and mental benefits. You'll spend so much time focusing on your balance, breathing, and holding your pose, your mind won't have the chance to wander. There are many types of yoga classes, so try out a few before you commit to any one type to decide which you prefer. Some are more heavily focused on the meditative aspect such as kundalini, while others focus more on the physical form, such as hatha (my personal favorite). Also, different instructors offer differing levels of difficulty. Regular practice is important to really reaping the benefits.

Whatever you choose, consistency is the key to success. Don't try to overdo it either – just pick one thing and go all out. With your mind occupied on a fun activity, you won't have time to obsess over the minutia of your divorce.

Written by Maria Schweitzer