After The Divorce - 5 Tips For Dealing With A Dysfunctional Ex


While I would by no means consider myself an expert in this area, I have unfortunately had a lot of experience dealing with a dysfunctional ex. Here are a few things to consider when working out custody issues with a difficult person.

1. Utilize Visitation Monitors

Having a third party diffuses hostility. Transfers are set up at public locations, and bad behavior is not tolerated.

2. Pick and Choose Your Battles

Not every issue is worth going to court. Sometimes conceding in one area may give way to the other party conceding to another issue at the same time or down the road.

3. Don't Allow the Difficult Person to Engage You in an Argument

Many people simply enjoy being difficult to keep up the fight, which feeds their dysfunctionality. Don't fall prey to their game.

4. Let an Attorney Do the Talking for You

Allowing a professional to communicate on your behalf is best. They can present your points to the other party in a rational, concise and clear manner.

5. Seek Therapy

You're going to need it if the other person continues to be difficult at every turn.

Written by Maria Schweitzer