Did 'Idol' Fantasia Cause a Nasty Divorce?


As family lawyers in Pasadena know, sometimes a third party is named as the reason a marriage is ending. An already complicated situation becomes all the more sticky when the other woman is a celebrity like American Idol season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino. The beleaguered singer/actress and reality star, who recently overdosed on aspirin and sleep aid medication, is currently embroiled in a controversy that alleges she was responsible for splitting up a married couple.

Last week, a divorce petition in North Carolina filed by Paula Cook cited Barrino's "covert adulterous affair" as the reason for her split from her estranged husband, Antwuan Cook. Paula Cook claims that Barrino told her, "He don't want you. Maybe next time that you get a husband you'll know how to keep him. That's why he is here with me." Antwuan and Paula Cook, who have two kids, ages 1 and 4, say that Barrino entered their lives after she met Antwuan in August 2009 at the cell phone store where he worked. According to court documents, the singer and the cell phone salesman took romantic vacations together in Miami, New York, L.A. and Barbados over the course of their alleged affair. Rumors of their pairing hit celebrity gossip sites like TMZ in November of last year but were met with adamant denials from Camp Barrino. And as usual in a case like this, there are allegations that a sex-tape exists featuring Barrino and Antwuan caught in the act.

If these allegations turn out to be true, Barrino could be in hot water: As adultery is still a crime in North Carolina, third parties can be sued in cases like these. Barrino, for her part, has released a statement through her manager stating that she has had nothing to do with the dissolution of the Cook's union. Days after news of the divorce and sex tape hit online, Barrino was rushed to the hospital for overdosing on over-the-counter medications. Police have ruled it an attempted suicide.