Eva Longoria Comment Sparks Adoption Rumors


Just over a month after filing for divorce from her basketball star husband, Tony Parker, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria may already be showing signs of moving on. As divorce attorneys in Pasadena can tell you, they are used to shouldering their clients' divorce needs so that those clients can focus on building a new life.

Longoria and Parker began what appeared to be a fairytale marriage in July of 2007. After 3 ½ years, the fairytale ended when Longoria filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court. Rumors are never in short supply when it comes to a celebrity marriage, and this one has been no different.

Recently, when asked if being around children in need makes her want to adopt a child, Longoria replied, "Of course." That's all it took for the rumor to take flight. Is Longoria planning to adopt? Whether the rumor is true or false is beside the point. Celebrities are as human as anyone else, and just like anyone else facing divorce proceedings, Longoria will have to start a new life. Even though she has just filed for divorce, her comment about adoption may show that she is not waiting for her divorce to be complete before she starts thinking of what might come next.

A divorce is obviously the end of something, but these days more and more people are trying to get their life back on track as soon as possible. And Longoria looks like she's already thinking about building her new life.

Some think that she might be following the lead of Sandra Bullock. After announcing that she had filed for divorce, Bullock also revealed that she was adopting a 3 ½-month-old boy as a single parent.

Both of these celebrities illustrate an important point in today's world: It's never too early to start a new life. Pasadena divorce attorneys understand that with strong and supportive legal council taking care of the divorce proceedings, the new life can start ASAP!