Kelsey Grammer Doesn’t Watch His Estranged Wife’s Reality Show


Not even the savviest divorce attorneys in Pasadena could have predicted the marital collapse of Hollywood couple Kelsey and Camille Grammer. The pair, after all, seemed inseparable during their 13-year marriage. Kelsey often credited Camille as the person who had helped him stay sober. Yet late this past summer, things at Camp Grammer started to erupt. First, news broke that the pair was divorcing, followed quickly by the shocking announcement that Kelsey had been having an affair with Kayte Walsh. Then we learned Walsh was pregnant with his child. A few weeks later, it was revealed she had miscarried. Finally, before Kelsey and Camille's divorce was even finalized, the Frasier star and his new girlfriend announced they were engaged. And that was just the beginning!

Since then, Camille has been extremely forthcoming about her ex-husband's infidelity; she is widely believed to be pursuing a vast amount of the star's fortune during divorce proceedings. So it's no wonder Kelsey and his new love aren't big fans of Camille's television show,The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On their way into an A-list event this past weekend, Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh were asked if they watched Camille's hit reality television show. Grammer let his new fiancée answer the question as he looked on. "We don't watch it," Walsh said curtly before the pair hurried inside the event, which also included star attendees like Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. Grammer's indifference to the show could have something to do with the fact that on the program, he and Camille are portrayed as a loving couple even though we now know Kelsey was having an affair while the show was being filmed. Camille Grammer now claims she was pushed into doing the show so her husband could cheat on her.

"Looking back, maybe he wanted to keep me preoccupied in California while he was off having his affair in New York," Camille recently told the New York Post.

Camille also claims the show wasn't her idea.

"I really didn't want to do" Housewives, she said. "I think it was more Kelsey's agenda. I was very reluctant, because I am a very private person."

Meanwhile, Camille's housewife costars have her back. Lisa Vanderpump recently roasted Kelsey's engagement on Twitter, saying, "Kelsey Grammer engaged? Did I miss something? Don't you think you should get divorced first?"