Second Time Around States: Places in the U.S. that Remarry the Most


While seeking divorce advice in Pasadena, don't be discouraged that love will never happen again. With plenty of time and a lot of healing, love and marriage come around a second or third time for a large number of Americans. In fact, according to data published in the Census Bureau's 2008 American Community survey, there are certain spots in the country where getting remarried is more common than you'd think.

Former President Bill Clinton may still be married to his first wife Hillary, but most folks from his home state of Arkansas were found in the survey to make the trip down the aisle several times. Ten percent of the state's population marries three times or more. Neighboring state Oklahoma boasts 9.5 percent of the population that has been remarried three or more times. Other southern states, Tennessee and Alabama, both have high remarriage rates with 8.5 percent and 8 percent, respectively. Heading west, Nevada is a state known for its quickie marriages and even faster divorces. Therefore it makes sense that the study found Nevada to have one of the highest remarriage rates in the country. Eight percent of Nevada's married population has three or more exes. Sparsely-populated Oregon has a shockingly high remarriage rate of 7.5 percent, while quiet Idaho racks up 8 percent of its population that has walked down the aisle multiple times. Majestic Wyoming is another wide open space state with a lot of remarriages. More than 8 percent of Wyomingites marry three or more times.

The findings from the study were based on adults ages 15 or older that have ever been married. The lowest states for remarriages? Minnesota, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts were found to have 3 percent or lower of their respective populations that have been remarried 3 or more times.