Melissa Etheridge's Ex Shocked By Divorce


Throughout singer Melissa Etheridge's very public battle with cancer in 2004, actress and wife Tammy Lynn Michaels was seen as a pillar of support during an extremely difficult time. In fact, the pair, married in Malibu, Calif., in 2003, seemed built to last -- overcoming not only cancer but career highs and lows as well as the busy personal life of raising twin daughters. This makes their recent split all the more surprising. According to her blog, Tammy Lynn Michaels herself was shocked by the divorce. Here's one woman who will undoubtedly be seeking divorce advice in Pasadena.

Tammy expressed in her blog last week that she was taken aback when she was served with divorce papers from lawyers for the 49-year-old singer and songwriter. Etheridge, according to Michaels, promised that the couple would not file for divorce until she returned from a nationwide tour that commences this fall. In her prose-like blog, Michaels writes, "Gentle waves/no noise for awhile/or maybe gentle voice/and SMACK!!! FILE FOR DIVORCE!!/even though we both promised, agreed, handshook, pinkyswore/until after tour ends/in the fall." The actress, who starred in shows like Popular and The L Word, goes on to say that this is but one of many "broken promises" made by Etheridge.

Making matters worse, when Etheridge filed to dissolve the couple's domestic partnership last week, she requested that Michaels be given no financial support. Michaels claims she turned away work to be a full-time mother to the couple's twins as well as Etheridge's children from an earlier relationship with Julie Cypher, and that since the break-up she has been struggling financially. She goes on to describe borrowing money to help feed her children and put gas in her car. She elaborates, saying the whole ordeal has given her a "stomach full of ulcers." The usually-outspoken Etheridge, on the other hand, has remained silent since the separation.