LeAnn Rimes' Divorce is Finalized


LeAnn Rimes: nominated for a Grammy at 15, married at 20 and now divorced at 27. The country and pop songstress' divorce to Dean Sheremet was finalized last week. Like many young women seeking divorce help in Pasadena, Rimes is most likely relieved her long ordeal is finally over. Rimes and Sheremet separated last summer and a settlement was reached in December, just a few days after they filed for divorce. The final dissolution of the union comes after months of infidelity confessions, public trash talking and whispers of multi-million-dollar payout.

The trouble for Rimes and Sheremet began last summer. Rumors flew that the star was cheating on her spouse with Eddie Cibrian, whom she met while filming a Lifetime movie, filled the tabloids. Cibrian, who was recently fired from CSI: Miami, was also married at the time. At first the pair denied the rumors, but when Rimes and Sheremet separated more details of the affair were leaked to the public. Rimes eventually admitted to the tryst in US Weekly and apologized for hurting so many people. Cibrian and his estranged spouse Brandi Glanville are also currently divorcing. The couple has two sons. Sheremet has run the gamut from tear filled interviews to angry online declarations and has reportedly been granted spousal support.

LeAnn and Dean met in 2001 when she was the host of the Academy of Country Music Awards and he was a dancer on the telecast. Sheremet, who was also an aspiring actor, was described by LeAnn at the time as the man she knew she was going to marry. Less than year later, the pair tied the knot in Dallas. At the time of their marriage in 2002, concerns were raised that they had married too young. Nonetheless, Rimes and Sheremet appeared to be happy in the public eye, attending Hollywood events together for several years. Today, Sheremet is still pursuing an acting career while Rimes has released a new single in support of an album due to hit stores later this summer.