Billy Ray Cyrus Testy on the Topic of Divorce


Country music and television star Billy Ray Cyrus, like many folks seeking divorce advice in Pasadena, isn't talking about his divorce. When word hit late last month of his divorce to his wife of seventeen years, Tish Cyrus, the blogs were ignited with speculation as to why the long-term couple had broken up. But Cyrus himself isn't saying a word about the divorce, even as rumors of a high-profile affair swirl about the couple.

Cyrus, who is known to a certain generation as the real-life and television father to teen sensation Miley Cyrus, recently stormed out of a radio interview when the host asked him questions about his divorce. The 49-year-old singer made a standard promotional appearance on WCOL's "Woody and the Wakeup Call" last week. Things on the morning show were status quo until the host Woody Johnson asked Cyrus about his divorce. Cyrus then got uncomfortable and told the host "Oh, man. You know what bud? Woody Johnson. Woody Johnson. God bless America, God bless our troops. Woody Johnson, look at you." He then said the question was "very rude" before exiting the studio. Johnson tried to apologize but Cyrus had already gotten up and headed for the door. Cyrus also avoided reporters a few days earlier when he walked the red carpet at the Country Music Awards. The behavior is unusual for Cyrus, who is usually chatty with the media.

So what gives? It could be he's avoiding the question that is on everybody's mind. Since the pair announced their divorce on October 26th, allegations of an affair between Tish Cyrus and Poison lead singer Bret Michaels have circulated the Internet. While both Tish and Bret have publicly denied the affair, Billy Ray has been uncharacteristically silent on the topic. According to Us Weekly, Michaels and Cyrus had an affair last spring after Bret recorded a song with Miley. Several sources close to the couple have come forward claiming that Tish and Bret's relationship started as professional and turned into something personal.

Michaels, who currently is promoting yet another new reality show for VH1, has addressed the rumors in several interviews. He toldPeople magazine the relationship was strictly professional when he recorded with Miley.

"When I was in the studio, Miley came in and sang on my song ... and that was it," he said.