Chris Evert Finally 'Healing' After Divorce


When seeking divorce advice in Pasadena, just remember healing from a divorce can take a long time. Feeling better doesn't happen overnight; it takes quite some time to get our lives back to normal. Just ask former tennis superstar Chris Evert. Although she may have won 18 Grand Slam singles championships, Evert recently told People magazine getting over her divorce to pro golfer Greg Norman was one of the most difficult tasks she's ever encountered.

Married in 2008, the sports world super couple spent most of their marriage traveling the globe. The intense travel schedule took the usually attentive parent Evert away from spending time with her three sons from a previous marriage. Norman and Evert clashed over the amount of time needed to be spent on the road for his busy golf schedule, causing their 15-month marriage to end in December 2009.

"There was a lot of tension between Chris and Greg because she spent so much time traveling with him during the marriage that she was not home enough with her three teenage sons," a source close to the couple told People magazine.

After months of separation, Evert and Norman finalized their divorce in December at the Monroe courthouse in Key West, Florida.

Over the past year, Evert has spent time reconnecting with her children and getting back to her love of parenting.

"I was traveling a lot and just not around. My kids are dynamos and needed their mom," the athlete told People last week.

Evert and her sons Alexander, 19, Nicholas, 16, and Colton, 14, spent the summer in Aspen together, a time she calls "healing."

"My kids are great, and they have their mom back," Evert says.

Today, Evert remains committed to her children and has even re-established a great parenting relationship with her other ex-husband Andy Mill, a former Olympic downhill ski champion.