Scary Spice Afraid To Talk Divorce?


Zig-a-zig uh oh. Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown/aka Mel B/aka Scary Spice could be seeking divorce advice in Pasadena, but so far she's keeping quiet. Rumors of a split from producer husband Stephen Belafonte hit the online rags this week and sent international gossip hounds into a frenzy. Yet despite reports, Brown thus far has kept silent and the pair even has been spotted together at Hollywood hotspots. So what's the real story? Are they or aren't they divorcing?

Rumors of the break-up appeared to be legit as the Sunday Mirror reported over the weekend that Belafonte contacted a reporter from the paper personally to announce that he and Brown had broken up. Allegedly, Belafonte told the reporter that Brown would be returning to London without him. A friend of Brown's told the Sunday Mirror, "They have not been happy for a long time..." Word of the story exploded online; by Monday morning, it would appear that Brown and Belafonte were just another celebrity couple destined for the history books.

What a difference a day makes! Brown, who normally is very candid and chatty on her Twitter account, recently has posted nothing but silly photos along with zero personal information. Her people have insisted that the couple is still very happily married, while her friends have come out of the woodwork to defend the marriage. Some are saying the rumors are little more than a publicity stunt for Brown's new reality show, set to premiere on the Style network in a matter of days.

Whether Brown and Belafonte actually are splitting up remains to be seen. The singer/actress is set to do publicity for her new show in the coming weeks. Mel B is no stranger to relationship woes as she battled a very public paternity case with actor Eddie Murphy over their daughter Angel Iris in 2007. Later that year, Brown married Belafonte, who also manages her career.