Divorcee Tries To Sell Her House On YouTube


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena and connoisseurs of Internet oddities have seen YouTube used creatively during or after divorces. We've seen angry exes talk trash about their former spouses in videos. We've watched ex-wives sell their husbands' things in garage sale videos. Now a divorced Irish woman is making headlines and going viral as she tries to sell her house on YouTube.

Jillian Godsil, a divorced mother of two, has taken to YouTube to help her out of a post-breakup financial bind. Godsil has put a video of her eight-bedroom country home on the popular Internet video site in hopes of being able to put the past behind her. She says she has received several emails from people wishing her well, all while the video has gathered over 2500 views.

"Divorce and losing the family home, which was my dream home, is very tough, so it's nice to know people are behind me and my two kids. But emails that are looking to view the house will be even nicer," Godsil says.

The home, known as Raheengraney House, was supposed to be a happily ever after for Godsil, her children and husband. Located in the quaint village of Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow, the house has three bedrooms and two acres of land. A slumping economy, bad financial decisions and a divorce has forced Godsil to sell the property for a value under what she paid for it. Despite the reasonable price, Godsil has had a difficult time getting interest in the property. After several offers fell through, she decided to put her house online.

"So I asked myself, 'how will I sell this?' and the idea of trying to get it all over the Internet came into my mind," she says.

In addition to getting thousands of views online, Godsil's unique approach has received international attention and the home reportedly now has several interested potential buyers.