Supermodel & Super Mogul Reunited by Navajo Blanket?


Seeking divorce advice in Pasadena but still have hopes of a reconciliation? Perhaps your marriage can also be saved by a Navajo blanket. We're kidding, of course - but apparently anything is possible. Just ask supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her billionaire husband Peter Brant. The formerly mega-bickering couple reunited and Seymour says it was a cherished Navajo blanket that brought them back together.

In an interview withTown & Country magazine, Seymour says the reconciliation started with a peace offering. Seymour and Brant battled in the courtroom and in the press. She said he was unfaithful. He said she was a party girl with a problem with drugs and alcohol. There were rumors of nanny wars, violent outbursts and high-priced settlements. Both Seymour and Brant took to the press to bash one another. She also allegedly bashed his car window with a baseball bat while he reportedly burned money so he wouldn't have to give it to her. He took art from her bedroom walls and she broke into Brant's house to get it back. In short, these two made the War of the Roses look like a game of Candy Land.

Enter the magical blanket. Seymour told the magazine that the never-ending feuding began to take its toll on her; one night, while alone, she was inspired to reach out to Brant. She saw the blanket, which was Brant's since he was a teenager, and decided to give it back to him. The prized possession opened up the pair to talk about calling off the attack dogs and, eventually, led to them getting back together.

"The 'dirty fight' is all about winning, not healing," Seymour said. "It's fueled by people you're paying. It is the lawyers talking and not you. Of course we're in therapy. And then I have my own therapist, and the kids have theirs, and there is nothing wrong with this."