Coping with Divorce: Women and Martial Arts


Divorcing in Pasadena can be tough, but women can find an excellent coping mechanism in martial arts. When facing a divorce, many women feel a sense of hopelessness, anger, fear, low self-esteem and loneliness. Taking martial arts can be a useful tool for coping with the negative feelings associated with divorce. The following are some of the ways in which martial arts can be beneficial to women dealing with divorce.

Enhanced Safety: Many women who are going through a divorce experience feelings of fear about having to face life on their own. Often they have spent years experiencing life alongside their spouse. Women who are alone must be ready to protect themselves accordingly. Women can protect themselves by making smart decisions, being aware of their surroundings and by becoming serious about a martial art. It is important to note that a once-a-week women's self defense class will not achieve this goal. For martial arts to be effective, they must be practiced every day and with enough repetition that responses become automatic.

A Sense of Empowerment: Women who are going through a divorce often experience low self-worth. They may feel they are unattractive, "unworthy" and vulnerable. Participation in martial arts can help alleviate these feelings and encourage higher feelings of self-worth. The intense training and discipline can promote a sense of accomplishment, strength and independence.

Physical Benefits: Martial arts provide an incredibly efficient workout and can result in sculpted muscles and loss of body fat. Furthermore, increased lung capacity, cardiovascular health and maintaining a healthy body weight can not only increase quality of life for years to come, but can improve self-esteem and confidence. These are extremely valuable to women going through the trauma of divorce.

Community Support and Personal Relationships: Many martial arts schools are an excellent source of community support and personal relationships. When dealing with a divorce, personal relationships are vital to maintaining a sense of connectedness to society and having a foundation of support to lean upon. Individuals who train seriously in martial arts find that they have a community of people who care about them and are willing to help and support them.

When getting a divorce in Pasadena, you first step should be finding a lawyer you can trust and for that, contact the Schweitzer Law Partners at (626) 683-8113. Next, focus on your own personal healing - and for that, martial arts may be the answer.