Divorced Man Waits Six Years to Sue Wedding Photographer


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena have seen just about every lawsuit revolving around weddings and relationships that you can possibly imagine. And yet there is always room for one more bizarre lawsuit to make us scratch our collective heads. This month, the lawsuit that has us saying "hmm" involves a groom who is suing his wedding photographer six years after the pictures were taken and even though the couple is now divorced. And the case only gets weirder from there.

According to The New York Times, Todd J. Remis of Manhattan is suing the wedding photographer who captured the intimate moments of Remis' nuptials to Milena Grzibovska in 2003. Remis is demanding that he be repaid the $4,100 cost of the photography. He also is requesting $48,000 to re-stage his wedding, including travel costs to fly his guests to New York to attend the fake celebration, which will be re-shot by another photographer. Making wedding magic happen twice might be a tough feat, however - especially considering his ex-wife is believed to be currently living in her native Latvia.

Dan Fried, an owner of H&H Photographers, the company being sued by Remis, has called the demands "an abuse of the legal system." And Justice Doris Ling-Cohan of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan dismissed the majority of the grounds for the lawsuit, like the "infliction of emotional distress." However, she has allowed the case to proceed in order to determine whether there was a breach of contract between H&H and Remis.

"This is a case in which it appears that the 'misty watercolor memories' and the 'scattered pictures of the smiles ... left behind' at the wedding were more important than the real thing," the judge wrote, quoting Barbra Streisand's hit "The Way We Were." "Although the marriage did not last, plaintiff's fury over the quality of the photographs and video continued on."

She is expected to rule on the case in the upcoming months.