The skills and talents of Pasadena Family Law Attorney Patrick Baghdaserians were on full display when he was recently recognized by the president of the Pasadena Bar Association. On Monday, December 12, 2011, at the Pasadena Bar Association's end of the year board meeting, Mr. Baghdaserians was recognized by the Association's president - Steven Yee, for his contributions to the Association.

President Yee presented Mr. Baghdaserians with a personal gift and praised him for his performance as the Association's Ambassador. In addition, President Yee recognized the fact that Mr. Baghdaserians was responsible for attracting and negotiating exclusive sponsorship agreements with two well recognized corporate sponsors in the legal industry.

Mr. Baghdaserians is an associate attorney at Schweitzer Law Partners. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A. in political science, in 2004, Mr. Baghdaserians entered Southwestern University School of Law. After law school, he clerked for Central District Federal Judge, The Honorable Robert M. Takasugi. In the summer of 2010, Mr. Baghdaserians was given the honor of serving as a court appointed discovery magistrate in a highly contested dissolution proceeding. Mr. Baghdaserians handles cases involving various issues associated with family law; including child and spousal support, retrieving hidden assets, characterization and division of property and post judgment modification.

According to Donald P. Schweitzer, "Patrick is a dynamic individual who gets things done. His work for the Pasadena Bar Association is consistent with the quality of work he does at our law firm. Our clients with family law issues receive a huge benefit when Patrick is on the case. Patrick's assertiveness goes a long way in protecting their rights."

Mr. Baghdaserians has indicated he will continue to work on behalf of the Pasadena Bar Association in the various capacities that he has been asked to chair.