David Duchovny and Tea Leoni Separate... Again


The Hollywood marriage of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny is the kind of on-again, off-again union family lawyers in Pasadena have come to expect from Tinsel Town. The pair, who met in 1997, separated in 2008 and renewed their vows in 2009, have once again broken up. Yet it still remains to be seen if the couple will file for divorce this time.

A rep for the couple announced last Wednesday that Duchovny and Leoni have broken up after 14 years of marriage. This is deja vu for celebrity couple watchers who witnessed separation in 2008 after Duchovny had admitted to sex addiction. The X-Files star entered a rehab facility for his problems. There were even rumors that Leoni was engaging in a sexting relationship with actor Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton and Duchovny successfully got a retraction from the Daily Mail for that story; the paper also reported Duchonvy was having an affair with his tennis coach at the time.

After some counseling, the couple seemed to be on the mend and even appeared in public together arm in arm like they did in October of last year at a New York City Film festival. Yet as 2010 came to a close, whispers of problems for the couple started to circulate. Insiders from Duchovny's Showtime series "Californication" say the actor hasn't changed his womanizing ways.

"He's a guy who loves women," a "Californication" source told Us magazine. "He's always noticed an attractive lady."

Duchovny denied any problems in a 1997 Playgirl interview "I'm not a sex addict... I have never been to those meetings. It's hurtful to my family and if I was involved with a woman in a monogamous relationship, it would be hurtful to her."

According to the recent statement, neither Duchovny nor Leoni has filed for divorce. The pair, who met on the set of "The Tonight Show," have three children.