Can Exes Vacation Together?


If you're seeking divorce advice in Pasadena, chances are the last thing you can imagine doing is going on vacation with your ex. But according to USA Today, divorce-cations are on the rise. Couples who have broken up are travelling together with the children to save money during the divorce process, create harmony and help families heal.

Hollywood star Bruce Willis has vacationed with ex-wife Demi Moore and their three daughters as well as her current husband, Ashton Kutcher, several times. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have also vacationed regularly with their children as has media mogul Arianna Huffington and her ex-husband Congressman Michael Huffington. But divorce-cations aren't just for celebrity families with top therapists. Mike Geoffrion, who manages a bike store in Fort Collins, Colorado, told USA Today he's vacationed with his ex-wife Janna on several occasions.

"If you get along with your ex it can be very easy to do," Geoffrion said.

He notes that the stresses of one parent doing all the supervision are also lifted when an ex is available to lend a hand.

Los Angeles exes Meredith Morton and Shane Edelman say they've also experienced success travelling with one another and their son and his half-siblings. Morton, Edleman, the kids and the new spouses all recently rented a house together in Palm Springs for three days to hang out by the pool. While a cheaper vacation is certainly appealing, it wasn't the main motivation for the two families travelling together.

"It wasn't just like we were just sharing rent. We went to be with them," Morton said.

Psychologist Fran Walfish and author of The Self-Aware Parent says friendly divorced couples peacefully vacationing together "gets my complete endorsement" - but she notes that trips should be planned thoughtfully so they don't get the children's hopes up for a permanent reunion.

"Parents need to be clear that the trip is a special event, like a Disney visit or a birthday trip, and say, 'We really just wanted to both be with you,'" she adds.