26 Years Later, Marie Osmond Remarries Ex-Husband


Here's something divorce attorneys in Pasadena don't see very often. After 26 years of being divorced, singer Marie Osmond has remarried her first husband, Steve Craig. The pair married last week in Las Vegas, surprising her fans and the media alike. And get this: Osmond says she and Craig have been secretly dating again for more than two years.

"I didn't want anybody to get hurt, you know, if it didn't work out. And gosh, it just worked out," the singer told Good Morning America.

She added that even her children didn't know about the relationship. Osmond and Craig were first married in 1982 and have one 28-year-old son, Stephen, together. The couple divorced in 1985 but remained friendly over the years and we're reunited when Craig helped Osmond and her family move into their Las Vegas home in 2008.

Osmond says Stephen helped the couple reunite.

"It was our son who got us to kind of be back together, but (my husband) has been there for me and he's just my best friend, you know, and loves my kids," she said.

Steve supported Marie after her son, Michael, from her marriage to Brian Blosil, committed suicide last year.

In the spirit of nostalgia, Marie even squeezed into her original wedding dress she wore 29 years earlier.

"I can't breathe, but I'm in it!" she said on her wedding day.

Her brother, Donnie Osmond, says he's thrilled his sister and frequent singing partner has remarried.

"She deserves it. I tell you after all she's been through it's about time that Marie gets a little happiness in her life," he said.

Donnie and Marie have recently reunited professionally, as well. The pair just released a new record, their first in 30 years.