Tiger Woods Moves On With Two New Mansions


Leaving an old house filled with bad memories is something divorce attorneys in Pasadena see pretty often. So it isn't too surprising that Tiger Woods has decided to leave the Orlando, Florida, home that was the scene of the crime for the fender-bender which opened a Pandora's Box of divorce drama. What is surprising is that Tiger is reportedly moving into two new mansions to help him put the past behind him.

Three hours south of his old house is Tiger's brand new, custom-built oceanfront house just outside Palm Beach. His other brand new house is just a few miles inland and is where his mother Tida Woods will call home. The house which Tida just moved into is a $10 million, 22,000-square-foot family getaway for Tiger's two children, Sam, age 3, and Charlie, age 2. The family-friendly estate has custom painted kids bedrooms adorned with Disney characters. The yard has a giant jungle gym and interactive fountains for the kids to play in as well as an Astroturf putting course. Tiger and the kids will hang out in the house on the days he gets the kids.

Tiger's beach house will be his primary residence and assumingly home to more adult activity. Sources close to Woods say the golfer is keeping his personal life extremely private.

"Both Tiger and (ex-wife) Elin Nordegren agreed in their divorce (last year) that whatever boyfriend or girlfriend spends the night with them in the same location as the kids will be background-checked by the other party's lawyers," the source told Radar Online. "So, Tiger will be at his mom's house when the children are around, and there'll be no girl there because he doesn't want Elin's people to start snooping on him. He's keeping the other house as his party palace!"