Woman Distraught Over Divorce Faces Murder Charges


As family attorneys in Pasadena know, divorce can be emotionally and mentally devastating for spouses with a fragile state of mind. But the case of Kelli Lynn Murphy is an extreme example of a woman destroyed by divorce. Murphy was arrested last week for the murder of her two young children on the eve of a hearing to discuss custody with her ex-husband.

Castle Rock, Colorado, police were shocked on the morning of Monday, May 23rd, when they were called to Murphy's home after she called to report she was trying to commit suicide. Officers were stunned when arrived at the home to find 9-year-old Liam and his sister Madigan, 6, dead in their bedrooms. Murphy was taken to a hospital and treated for cuts on her wrists and now faces two counts of first-degree murder, child abuse and other possible charges, authorities say.

Murphy had been through a difficult time over the last year. She and her husband had filed for bankruptcy and divorce and Kelli Murphy had received a protection order. A hearing to discuss a parenting agreement was scheduled for this week. Her ex-husband, Robert Murphy, is not considered a suspect in the murders. Kelli withdrew her request to divorce Robert on April 26,saying, "I do not want a divorce, and my husband has told me that as well. This needs to stop. We need counseling, not a divorce."

But her request to end the divorce proceedings was denied. Sources say Kelli Murphy had slipped into a deep depression due to financial problems and the impending divorce. Things had gone from bad to worse for the Murphy family when they filed for bankruptcy last June. Court documents say the couple was over $20,000 in debt and financial problems were cited as a reason for divorce.