Creator of CSI in Divorce Battle to Prevent Wife's Shopping Spree


Even the most experienced divorce attorney in Pasadena can tell you that a Hollywood divorce is like none other. There is often just as much drama during the divorce proceedings as there is in the movies and television series that Hollywood players create. The divorce of CSI creator Anthony Zuiker is a perfect example of that.

Zuiker is currently battling it out in court with his soon-to-be-ex-wife Jennifer. In what is turning out to be a quasi-clash of the television titans, Jennifer flies into a rage after Zuiker shut down their joint American Express Black Card. (The Black Card is so exclusive that there is no spending limit.) Jennifer filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences" according to documents that have been obtained by TMZ. In them, Jennifer claims that she had been racking up $40,000-$60,000 per month in bills with the Black Card, and she is now upset that her MasterCard can only allow her to spend $25,000 (the card's limit). Zuiker stated (through his lawyer) that Jennifer's only concern is that she won't have the card - which is considered a status symbol - at her disposal anymore.

The Black Card wasn't the only thing that Jennifer wanted. She also wanted Zuiker to pay her most recent clothing bill of $181,381 for items designed by Alexander McQueen as part of his new fall line. Naturally Zuiker refused that request, although that matter has since been ratified "to the satisfaction of both parties." Of course, that doesn't mean that the entire matter is settled, since there is plenty of money involved. As the creator of the immensely popular crime show CSI (which has earned more than $6 billion), Zuiker is worth quite a bit of money and the court documents reveal that there was no pre-nup before the marriage.

Jennifer is also requesting that she get child support and spousal support, which has the potential to be a ridiculous sum of money considering his wealth. In fact, Jennifer may end up being awarded 50 percent of Zuiker's total assets as the couple had been married since 1999. For his part, Zuiker has demands of his own. He is asking for joint custody of their three boys. Jennifer has filed for sole custody of the children.