Hedge Fund Tycoon Faces Record-breaking Divorce Payout


Family lawyers in Pasadena hear about a new record-breaking divorce settlement seemingly every week. Usually it's hype. Even when it's true, there's always another "most expensive divorce ever" headline just around the corner. This week's contender for the title is UK hedge fund manager Pierre Lagrange, whose projected $160 million payout could be one for the history books.

Lagrange and ex-wife Catherine were a dream couple for the British tabloids last year when the pair announced they were splitting up. Essentially, Lagrange told his wife he was gay, she told him goodbye and the press said hello to one of the juiciest divorces to come along in a while. Lagrange is said to be preparing for the financial blow when the two head to court later this year. Estimated to be worth at least $300 million, Lagrange sold his home on London's exclusive "billionaire's row" in anticipation that Catherine could take half of everything he owns. Lagrange's 15-bedroom home sold for a cool $90 million, which will make a dent in what he could owe his ex-wife - but he'll still need to rustle up $60 million if the judge does decide to split their assets down the middle.

Making the story even more interesting is Lagrange's current relationship with male fashion designer Roubi L'Roubi. Tabloids whispered that the pair had hooked up while Lagrange was still married, but the millionaire denied the claims.

"I only met Roubi long after our divorce decision," he told The Telegraph. "My relationship with him is indeed of a romantic nature. My divorce reflects the reality of a separation that has happened a long time ago."

Lagrange currently serves as a director at L'Roubi's fashion company Asked for Designs. He also invests in art and culture projects and has served as a producer on films like Avatar and Kick Ass.