From 90210 to Down on the Farm: Jennie Garth's Life After Divorce


Pasadena family attorneys often see their clients make big changes in their lives after a divorce. Moving, pursuing a new career or getting a makeover are common ways the recently divorced choose to mix it up after breaking up. But for actress Jennie Garth, healing after her divorce from actor Peter Facinelli meant moving to a farm filled with animals - with a reality TV camera in tow, of course.

CMT's Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country chronicles the life of the Hollywood actress now that she's divorced and living on a farm with her three daughters and slew of animals including four dogs, two goats, five cats, two miniature horses and a pig.

"Having all these animals fills a void for me because I'm kind of going through a rough time right now," she said on the premiere of her new show. "The animals give you unconditional love, and that feels good."

Facinelli filed for divorce on March 29, 2012 after months of speculation.

"[Peter]'s doing his thing and I'm doing mine," she said. "I chose to come up here and be with the quieter lifestyle, and that's why I'm here. Getting separated has definitely been difficult, but being out here in the country has sort of made things a little easier."

Garth was open about how she didn't want to get divorced - even telling People magazine, "I tried everything I could to save our marriage. I was very resistant. I didn't want it to happen." Nevertheless, now that the pair has officially broken up, Garth finds solace in her new down-on-the-farm lifestyle. And she credits her furry friends.

"I think that my animals give me a sense of like relief, like they make me feel like none of that other bull- matters," Garth told her assistant Corinne on a recent episode. "When you look into their eyes, and they look back at you, and they don't want anything, they just want love. Whether I'm successful or not successful, whether I'm fat or thin, if I'm nice or if I'm not nice, they still love me."

Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country airs Wednesdays on CMT.