Organizing Your Divorce


When getting a Pasadena divorce, it's important that you stay organized throughout the process. Even though your attorney is the one actually handling the legal aspect of your divorce, you need to stay informed as to what is going on so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

The most important thing to do when preparing for your divorce is to keep copies of all documents that you provide to your attorney. Even if you think something seems minor, it may become important down the line. It's also possible that your original documents might somehow become misplaced over the course of negotiating your divorce settlement.

You should keep detailed notes regarding the issues that you and your attorney have discussed relating to both the divorce case itself and your payment arrangements with your attorney. It doesn't matter if you write them out by hand in a notebook or type them up on your laptop, so feel free to do whatever makes you the most comfortable.

There are several different websites offering free online worksheets that you might find helpful when organizing your divorce. These include a personal property inventory, a monthly post-divorce budget, sheets for documenting expenses relating to the care of any minor children from your marriage, and a list of things you'll need to do if you're planning to sell your marital home and find a new residence. Your attorney might also have worksheets that you can use when getting your affairs in order.

There are lots of excellent books about understanding the divorce process available at bookstores or through your local public library. They can provide a good outline of what to expect during the divorce process, but you should always refer to your Pasadena divorce attorney for legal advice that is specific to your case. There are state-to-state differences in divorce law and the information provided in books might not always be the most up to date.