3 Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents Returning to the Workforce



While a Pasadena divorce lawyer can help with the formal paperwork necessary to end your marriage, it's up to you to adjust to the changes that will follow. For many people who were stay-at-home parents during their marriage, a divorce means a return to the workforce. Although this transition can be difficult, you will find the experience a bit easier if you remember the following tips.

First, resist the urge to leave your time at home off your resume. Employers generally require an explanation of any substantial gap in your employment history. It is perfectly acceptable to say you were a stay-at-home parent, but most human resource departments suggest you avoid using silly job titles like "domestic engineer" to describe your household duties. You may think you're being creative, but the hiring manager may see your embellished job description as a sign you're not being entirely honest about other aspects of your professional history.

Second, don't overlook the importance of volunteer activities when putting together a resume. If you served as president of the PTA, for example, this can be used to illustrate leadership and communication skills. If you oversaw a fundraiser for your child's soccer team, this shows that you are good at managing money. These are all skills that are transferable to the workplace, even if you were not working in a paid position. However, if your volunteer experience is with a political or religious organization, it may be best to word the description as neutrally as possible in order to avoid any potential controversy.

Finally, consider going back to school. Even if you already have a bachelor's degree, you may need additional training in order to be a competitive candidate for many positions. For example, computer science jobs involve using technology that changes very quickly. The programs that were cutting edge three or four years ago are now obsolete. If you're worried about childcare, many schools now offer flexible online education options.

If you're returning to work after a contested divorce in Pasadena, do your best to think of this as an exciting transition in your life. A positive attitude and a willingness to take on new challenges will go a long way towards helping you find your dream job.