Russell Brand Files for Divorce from Katy Perry


Even though they seem like a couple of nice kids, divorce attorneys in Pasadena can't say they were exactly surprised that actor Russell Brand filed for divorce from his wife, pop music superstar Katy Perry. Rumors of a breakup swirled around Tinsel Town for months; now, after spending Christmas apart, Brand filed documents on Friday that cited irreconcilable differences.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry always seemed like a goofy, fun-loving Hollywood couple who often showed up at movie premiers wearing crazy outfits and big grins. But apparently things were not always so sunny between the two popular stars. In a statement released after the filing, Brand said, "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

As is usual with Hollywood divorces, every tabloid and gossip website has some sort of theory as to why the couple, who had been married for just 14 months, broke up. US Weekly claims Perry's deeply religious family and Brand clashed, while E!'s Ted Casablanca says that it was Perry's partying that made recovering addict Brand uncomfortable. Yet even a non-Hollywood insider could speculate that it might have been the rigorous world tours and lengthy filming schedules of the pair that broke them apart. Perry has been on the road since last June, while Brand has shot 3 films and embarked on a book tour since the pair got together.

Perry has allegedly sought the support of fellow pop star and BFF Rihanna throughout her marital woes. Rihanna threw Perry's bachelorette party in Las Vegas nearly two years ago. Should the divorce turn nasty, it could wind up being expensive - for Perry. The pop singer brought in an estimated $45 million during her marriage to Brand, and the couple reportedly did not sign a prenup.

The pair were married in India in October 2010 during a lavish ceremony that suited their wacky personalities, fully equipped with jugglers, elephants and acrobats. This was the first marriage for both stars and they had no children together.