Advantages of Divorce Mediation


If you need divorce help in Pasadena, a divorce mediator might be an option to consider. Divorce mediation offers multiple advantages and is becoming a well respected alternative to the traditional litigated divorce. In fact, many divorce lawyers now describe themselves as "mediation friendly" and are happy to help draw up the necessary legal papers after your mediation is complete.

One significant advantage of mediation is that the services of a divorce mediator tend to be cheaper than those of an attorney. Your decision for how to handle your divorce should not be based on cost alone, but the lower cost of mediation does represent a clear benefit for some couples.

Mediation is confidential and provides the benefit of a neutral third party to help settle disagreements between you and your spouse. Mediators are trained to make sure that both people are having their needs met, even if one person is naturally less assertive than the other during the negotiation process.

Mediation does not necessarily prevent you from going to court at a later date. If mediation is unsuccessful, you can turn to the court system to assist in your divorce settlement. Since your mediation is confidential, you can get a fresh start at this point as well.

If you're a parent, divorce mediation is a good choice to help reduce the stress of divorce on your children. Divorce mediators are trained to help diffuse conflict between parents, thus creating a better home life for the children. Mediation can also help set a positive tone for the continued co-parenting relationship between you and your ex.

To find a qualified mediator, look for a Practitioner Member of the Academy of Family Mediators. This indicates that the mediator has handled at least ten mediation cases and has a solid working knowledge of family law, family counseling, child development, and the mediation process.