How to Help a Friend Who Is Going Through a Divorce


If you have a friend who is contemplating a Pasadena divorce, you might be wondering how to be supportive of her needs during this difficult time. If you've never gone through a divorce yourself, you might be worried about saying the "wrong" thing when you only want to help. This article offers some suggestions you might find useful.

If your friend's divorce was spurred by infidelity or other serious issues, give her a shoulder to cry on and space to vent her feelings. But avoid the temptation to say bad things about her ex. Even if they're true, she's in a very emotional place right now and probably still feels some loyalty towards her ex. Plus, there is always the chance they might reconcile before the divorce is finalized. Then you'll be in an awkward position of having badmouthed her husband in the worst possible way.

If your friend has young children, volunteer to babysit for a few hours. Making the transition from a marriage to single parenthood is incredibly stressful. Even those who feel like their partner didn't contribute much to the parenting situation have problems when they are truly on their own. Giving your friend some private time to relax will be much appreciated.

When your friend is struggling financially because of an impending divorce, you may be tempted to offer some much needed financial support. This is a truly generous gesture, but don't provide any more cash than you can afford to lose. It may take her awhile to get back on her feet, so repayment is not guaranteed.

Great legal representation is often the key to having a favorable divorce outcome. If your friend is having trouble finding a good Pasadena divorce attorney, offer to do some preliminary research on her behalf. If she's overwhelmed and not sure where to start piecing her life back together, a priceless gift may be contact information for a matrimonial lawyer in Pasadena who can advocate for her needs.