Signs You Should Get a Divorce


Are you thinking about divorcing in Pasadena? Any couple who has been together a long time has likely considered calling it quits at one point or another. But, there's a huge difference between contemplating divorce and actually going through with the process of legally ending your marriage.

Obviously, abuse is a clear indicator that you should seek a divorce. An abusive spouse puts you and your children at risk. Seek the assistance of local law enforcement officials or a nearby battered woman's shelter to make a plan to leave safely.

If your spouse is not abusive and you're simply unhappy, make sure the cause of your unhappiness is your marriage. Sometimes people are unhappy at work or just feeling frustrated with the general state of their life and they take it out on their spouse. Keeping a journal for a month or two might be helpful as you try to identify the source of your angst.

Sex is not the only factor in whether or not you should seek a divorce from your spouse, but troubles in the bedroom can indicate deeper problems that need to be addressed. If you've already tried to spice things up and your efforts have backfired, divorce might be something to consider. Most people will agree that physical intimacy is an important part of a happy marriage.

Talking to your friends about your marital troubles may provide a nice outlet for venting your frustrations, but be very cautious of filing for divorce on the basis of what your friend's think. By their very nature, friends are not objective. Your friend may simply be telling you what she thinks you want to hear or projecting some of her marital dissatisfaction onto what you're saying.

If you decide that divorce is the best option, remember that most Pasadena divorce attorneys will offer a free initial consultation. This is a good place to ask questions that you might have about issues specific to your case, such as your eligibility for spousal support or the legal issues associated with a joint custody arrangement.