What You Can Learn from a Celebrity Divorce


You may not have paparazzi following your every move, but celebrities can teach you a thing or two about how to handle your Pasadena divorce.

The most obvious lesson we can learn from watching celebrity couples is to value our privacy. Remember Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's "Newlyweds" adventures? As an outsider, it was fun to watch them struggle with the ups and downs of married life. But both now say the stress of having their every move made public was a factor in their split. You're not likely to have a reality show deal with your spouse, but you should be careful with how much information about your marriage you share in your own life. You don't need to post all the gory details of your divorce on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. Keep your dirty laundry private, especially if you have children with your ex. When it comes to divorce, remember that no one is above the law.

Once your divorce settlement is finalized, you are legally obligated to abide by the terms of the settlement. You can't refuse to allow your ex visitation because it inconveniences you, or refuse to pay child support because you're still mad at how your courtroom battle played out. When Kim Basinger and Alex Baldwin got divorced, Basinger allegedly tried to keep Baldwin from seeing their daughter. In addition to causing permanent damage to the family dynamic, this made an already complicated divorce even more time consuming when Baldwin had to fight to see his child.

After your Pasadena divorce lawyer has settled your case, keep in mind that you don't need to rush into dating again. Second marriages are filled with complications, especially as a couple gets older and has more assets to protect. Be cautious about dating, and protect yourself with a prenup if you decide to tie the knot a second time. Guy Ritchie made $90 million dollars because Madonna didn't insist on a prenup. Kelsey Grammer is reported to have lost lost $50 million because he didn't have a prenup.