Are Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Reconciling?


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena as well as gossip columnists around the globe heard whispers of a divorce between actress Demi Moore and Two and a Half Men star  Ashton Kutcher for months before any paperwork was filed. As expected, the pair called it quits last November. Unexpectedly, Moore was hospitalized in January and now, as the actress returns home to Los Angeles, the rumor mill is high with speculation that the couple is getting back together.

Reconciliation rumors hit a fever pitch last week when Kutcher was spotted attending his former stepdaughter Rumer Willis' concert in Hollywood. Kutcher, according to reports, attended the performance by himself. People magazine reports Kutcher was seen clapping and singing along to Willis' set. Afterwards, Kutcher warmly greeted and embraced the singer.

"It seemed really happy and loving - and like the two would be friendly ... no matter what," an onlooker told People magazine.

Despite the separation, sources says Kutcher is "still close" with Moore's children. Neither Moore nor Bruce Willis was in attendance for her performance. Add this to the rumors of Kutcher visiting Moore in rehab and all of Hollywood is wondering if the couple might be able to get back together. Sources close to Moore tell E! not to count it.

"She may want it [to get back together] but she'll never say that, thank God, because she shouldn't and none of us want her to [get back together]," says the source.

Camp Kutcher, on the other hand, has been tight-lipped about Moore and has refused requests to discuss Moore's hospitalization. After a stint in rehab and a vacation in the Caribbean, Moore recently returned home to L.A. Kutcher is currently wrapping up his inaugural season on Two and a Half Men and has several films projects in the works.

Moore and Kutcher were married on September 24th, 2005, after two years of dating. This was the first marriage for Kutcher and the third for Moore.