The Law Offices Of Donald P. Schweitzer Announces Senior Associate, Kayla Horacek, Has Passed The Family Law Certification Exam


The Law Offices Of Donald P. Schweitzer is proud to announce that it's Senior Associate Attorney - Kayla Horacek passed the state certification exam for Family Law Specialist.


Ms. Horacek sat for the exam this past October and the results were released on February 28th. 

In order to sit for the exam an attorney is required to practice family law almost exclusively.  Of all the attorneys that practice Family Law, a small percentage have taken and passed the difficult exam.

The second part to becoming a Certified Family Law Specialist requires the candidate to submit a voluminous application to the State Board. The application process requires the candidate to provide documented evidence of the candidates experience in handling complex Family Law cases and the candidate must submit  numerous recommendations from Family Law Judges and other Family Law attorneys.

"We are thrilled that Kayla passed the exam and are quite confident that her application will qualify her to be a Certified Family Law Specialist," said Donald Schweitzer who mentored Ms. Horacek and collaborated with on numerous cases during the past six years.

Donald Schweitzer further added, "I hope our clients see that we are committed to providing excellent legal representation by our dedication to the study of Family Law."

Ms. Horacek has worked exclusively as a Family Law attorney since graduating from Southwestern University School of Law.  She has handled almost every type of Family Law case imaginable, from simple child support matters to complex cases involving large assets.  Ms. Horacek also serves as Minor's Counsel and is passionate in the protection of children caught up in custody disputes.