Understanding the Bird's Nest Custody Arrangement


If you have children with your former spouse, one of the hardest things you must decide when you file for divorce in Pasadena is your child custody arrangement. The bird's nest custody arrangement is a new idea in divorce proceedings that is gathering a lot of attention, but it's not right for every circumstance.

In a bird's nest custody arrangement, the children stay in the family home while the parents take turns moving in and out of the "nest" as needed. Logically, the bird's nest custody arrangement makes sense if you and your spouse will be sharing joint custody of the children. A 50/50 custody arrangement lets kids maintain a strong relationship with both parents, but it requires a lot of moving back and forth on the part of the children. The bird's nest arrangement lets the children stay put and places the burden of moving on the parents because they are better able to handle the stress. If your custody arrangement will only involve the children visiting one parent during the summer or on holidays, however, the bird's nest arrangement wouldn't be appropriate.

Obviously, a bird's nest arrangement is going to be best for couples who are still on good terms. If you had a messy divorce complicated by issues like infidelity and substance abuse, the bird's nest arrangement might not be practical. To be effective, it requires a lot of communication and mutual arrangement as to the best parenting style for the children.

From a financial perspective, a bird's nest custody arrangement is one of the more expensive options. In most cases, you'll be maintaining three separate households -- a residence for the children, a residence for mom, and a residence for dad. Not all families are in a position to be able to afford this type of arrangement.

If you decide you want to pursue a bird's nest custody arrangement in your Pasadena divorce, your attorney can assist in making sure the specifics are spelled out in your divorce settlement. Getting everything in writing as soon as possible will make sure that the interests of all parties are protected in this non-traditional arrangement.