Understanding the Attorney-Client Relationship During a Pasadena Divorce


Before you begin your search for a Pasadena divorce attorney, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of what the attorney-client relationship should look like.

When working with a lawyer, remember that you are likely being billed by fractions of an hour. But there is often a minimum charge for each time you contact your lawyer with a question. This means that it's best to "stockpile" several questions and make one call to your lawyer, instead of calling whenever a new thought pops into your head. This approach will save you money and keep you on good terms with your lawyer.

If you have never required legal representation before, you might be feeling somewhat intimidated by your lawyer. However, you should remember that your lawyer works for you. Respect his or her professional training, but do not allow yourself to be bullied. A good lawyer is assertive when representing you in the courtroom, but understands how to listen to your thoughts when preparing the case.

If you do not believe your lawyer is acting in your best interests, do not be afraid to find a new lawyer. Once you have found a new lawyer and updated him or her regarding the status of your case, provide written documentation discharging your current lawyer. This will prevent your old lawyer from racking up billable hours that you would be obligated to pay.

People who are not happy with the results of their divorce settlement often wonder if they should file a malpractice suit. If your Pasadena divorce lawyer has committed a serious ethical breach, such as failing to disclose a conflict of interest or neglecting to file crucial paperwork on your behalf, you might have a case. But think twice if you are simply disagree about the results of your divorce. A malpractice suit can cause serious damage to a lawyer's reputation and you will risk a countersuit if your claims have no factual basis.