Reasons to Consider Firing Your Divorce Attorney


Hiring a great Pasadena divorce attorney is the best thing you can do for yourself when you're in the process of ending your marriage. A skilled attorney will help you obtain a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

If you're in the middle of a divorce and you're starting to feel like things aren't working out between you and your attorney, remember that you're ultimately the one in control. Even though you didn't go to law school, your attorney works for you.

Some reasons to consider selecting a new divorce attorney include:

  • Unexpectedly high bills -- If your attorney's fees are exceeding original estimates and you're not satisfied with his explanation of the extra charges, look elsewhere for legal representation.
  • Mishandling the case -- If you suspect your attorney doesn't have the skills to handle the case and it seems to be dragging on with no resolution in sight, there's nothing wrong with choosing a new lawyer.
  • Unethical behavior -- If your attorney is sharing confidential information or engaging in other unethical behaviors, report him to the State Bar of California and find a new lawyer.
  • Personality clashes -- An attorney who is uncomfortably aggressive or not aggressive enough might leave you unhappy with how your case is being handled.

Always find a new attorney before ending your relationship with your current divorce attorney. To fire your divorce attorney, you will need to first pay your legal fees or work out a mutually acceptable payment schedule. Then your old attorney will give your case files to your new attorney and file a "Substitution of Attorney" notice with the court.

How Can We Help?

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