Signs of Attorney Misconduct


For many people, going through a Pasadena divorce is the first time they've ever required an attorney's services. Since they are unfamiliar with the practice of law, they often have trouble recognizing the signs of attorney misconduct.

Sexual relations between an attorney and his client are a serious ethical breach that is expressly prohibited by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in its Standards of Conduct in Family Law Litigation. An attorney having a relationship with a client is unable to objectively provide legal advice and may be unfairly taking advantage of the client's fragile emotional state.

An attorney who is immediately related (as a spouse, parent, child or sibling) to the opposing counsel may not represent a client in opposition to the related attorney except when given his client's permission to do so. Just as sexual relationship between an attorney and his client impairs his judgment, a family relationship between two opposing attorneys makes it impossible for either of them to be truly objective.

Attorneys are allowed to advertise their services, but it is considered misconduct to create false or misleading advertisements that make unsubstantiated comparisons to another lawyer's services or suggest courtroom tactics that are contrary to rules of professional conduct.

Other examples of attorney misconduct include failing to diligently address a client's legal concerns, sharing confidential client information, or failing to keep a client informed of legal proceedings.

If you believe your attorney is guilty of misconduct, it is best to seek new legal representation as soon as possible. You can also report your attorney to the State Bar of California. There is no fee to file a complaint.

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