Tips for Surviving Divorce in Your 30s


Since the average age of first marriage in the United States is 26 for women and 28 for men, it's not surprising that Pasadena divorce law firms see quite a few clients in their 30s who are filing for divorce.

Many divorcing couples in their 30s have young children together. If you're a parent, working out a custody agreement for your children will likely be the most time consuming part of the divorce process. Courts favor joint custody in most circumstances, but there is a wide range of variations that are possible. Some couples with very young children or children with special needs may even opt for a bird's nest custody arrangement in which the parents cycle in and out of the marital home in order to minimize the disruption in the daily routines of the children.

Alimony can be a factor in your divorce if one spouse was staying home with the children full time. For a couple in their 30s, rehabilitative alimony can be a practical way to help the stay-at-home spouse regain the skills he or she needs to find suitable employment. Rehabilitative alimony is a type of alimony awarded on a temporary basis to provide support for a job search and/or any necessary educational training needed to rejoin the workforce.

When you're ready to start dating again, you may find that it's common for potential partners to also have children from past relationships. Creating a blended family takes a lot of work. Before you decide to walk down the aisle a second time, consider premarital counseling to help make sure you're both on the same page about finances, discipline, child care, and other major concerns. You may also want to consider visiting your lawyer to draw up a prenuptial agreement, especially if alimony and/or child support from previous relationships is involved.

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