Determining Eligibility for a Summary Dissolution


Seeking a summary dissolution is a quick way to get a Pasadena uncontested divorce. Not all couples qualify for a summary dissolution, however.

You might be eligible for a summary dissolution if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • One spouse has lived in California for the last six months and in the county where you file the petition for the last three months.
  • You've been married for less than five years.
  • You have no children together.
  • You're not pregnant.
  • You don't own real estate.
  • You have limited marital property and debts.
  • Neither spouse is seeking alimony.
  • You both waive your rights to appeal after the court has entered your summary dissolution.

A summary dissolution can be used to end a domestic partnership or a marriage. It can also be used if you and your spouse began as domestic partners, but later decided to get married.

You still have to wait six months for your divorce to become finalized, but you won't have to appear before a judge if you qualify for a summary dissolution. You and your spouse will create an agreement regarding any marital assets and debts that can be filed with the court along with a divorce petition.

During the six month waiting period, either spouse can stop the process by filing a Notice of Revocation for Summary Dissolution. This allows for the opportunity of reconciliation or for one spouse to request a regular dissolution (divorce) due to the desire to seek spousal support.

A summary dissolution is sometimes called a simple divorce, but this method of ending your marriage is not appropriate for everyone. Your attorney can answer any questions that you might have regarding this issue.

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