Don't Hire an Aggressive Attorney


When looking to hire a Pasadena divorce attorney, remember that aggressive is not always best. If you're angry and hurt that your spouse asked for a divorce, it can be tempting to hire an attorney with the personality of a pit bull. But your goal in finding legal representation shouldn't be to choose someone who will frighten and intimate your ex.

A good attorney is assertive, not aggressive. Your attorney should be advocating for your best interests. He or she should be helping you get a fair settlement as quickly and painlessly as possible. An attorney who insists on a long drawn out court battle is likely going to leave you with a huge bill for legal fees and a lot of unnecessary tension between you and your ex. If you have children with your ex and will need to be working together as co-parents after the divorce, you want to be ending your marriage on somewhat amicable terms.

Your attorney should be listening to your wishes, but he or she should also be telling you when compromise is necessary. It's unlikely you'll get everything you want in your divorce settlement. Picking and choosing your battles is key. A good attorney will help you see past your own emotions to think logically about your goals regarding hot-button issues like child custody or spousal support.

The best way to find an attorney with the right personality is to meet with several different attorneys for an initial consultation before deciding who you would like to represent you. After you ask each attorney about his or her educational background and experience, ask about their approach to negotiating and resolving tricky settlement issues. Look for someone who answers questions calmly and rationally. If an attorney sounds like he or she is encouraging you to add fuel to the fire, this is not a good sign.

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