Protecting Your Privacy After a Divorce in a High-Tech World


Unfortunately, vindictive exes have a plethora of ways to cause trouble after a contested divorce in Pasadena.

Beyond simply spying on you online to gain access to info that could be used against you during your divorce case, they can intercept your emails, impersonate you on Facebook, or use Photoshop to turn your innocent snapshots into something entirely different.

The easiest way to protect your privacy, which you should already be doing, is to change all of your passwords on a regular basis. Don't use the same passwords for multiple accounts and don't choose passwords that are easy to guess like the names of your children or the street you live on. The best passwords have a mixture of capital and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters.

Switching email addresses or phone numbers can be a bit of an inconvenience, but this is certainly one method to consider if you're worried about your ex intercepting private communications.

If you are seriously concerned about your personal privacy during your divorce, it's worth having your computer checked by a professional to see if any keystroke logging software has been installed. If you use a smartphone, have this checked out as well.

If you use social networking sites like Facebook, don't rely on privacy settings alone to protect you. Don't accept new friend requests from people you don't personally know, since it's easy for your ex to create a fake account for the purpose of spying on you. If you have children who are also on social networking sites, remember that your ex can access your info through your child's account. In most cases, the safest course of action is going to be to assume that any info you post could fall into the hands of a determined ex.

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