Rules for Proper Courtroom Behavior


For many people seeking a divorce in Pasadena, the ending of their marriage is the first time they've ever needed to appear in court. When it's time to appear in front of a judge to decide your case, your attorney will go over what to expect. However, you should also keep in mind a few basic tips for appropriate courtroom behavior. For example:

  • Dress conservatively. The courtroom is not the place to be showing off plunging necklines, short miniskirts, or rock concert t-shirts. Modest and professional attire is the best choice. Wear something that is similar to what you'd wear to a job interview.
  • Mind your manners. The judge should always be addressed as "Your Honor." If you are called to the witness stand, answer the attorneys with, "yes sir" and "no sir." A polite and cooperative spouse comes across more favorably than one who goes out of his way to be rude. Judges and attorneys are professionals who deserve to be treated with respect, even if you don't agree with their opinions.
  • Getting divorced is an emotional experience, but it's important to keep your emotions under control in the courtroom. The judge does not want to see angry outbursts or tears. Try to focus on helping your attorney make sure you get the best settlement possible. Save your emotional angst for your therapist or a close friend.
  • Even though you're well within your rights to seek out a new romantic partner, it's best to leave your boyfriend or girlfriend home when handling legal issues relating to your divorce. Despite the fact that no fault divorce laws mean infidelity can't be taken into consideration during a divorce settlement, flaunting a new love interest comes across as improper. Bringing a new boyfriend or girlfriend to court may also spark a confrontation between you and your spouse, which is not going to please the judge.

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