Preparing for Your Court Appearance


For many people, the most difficult part of a contested divorce in Pasadena is making a court appearance. If you've never had to appear in court before, the thought of going before a judge can be quite nerve wracking. Your attorney should help prepare you for your appearance by going over what issues will be discussed and explaining what to expect.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind to make the experience a little less stressful:

  • When choosing your outfit, aim for something neat and professional. Going to court is a little like going to a job interview, so you don't want to show up in ripped jeans and a heavy metal tee or a miniskirt and tube top.
  • Under no circumstances should you bring your new boyfriend or girlfriend to court with you. Do not bring your children unless your attorney instructs you to do so. If you require moral support, bring just one close friend who you can trust to remain calm and collected.
  • On the day of your court appearance, get an early start. You should aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before you are scheduled to appear. Don't forget to allow for unexpected delays, such as time spent finding a parking space or passing through the courthouse metal detector.
  • Once you're in the court room, try to keep your emotions under control. Speak only when instructed to do so and never interrupt when your spouse or his lawyers are talking. When it is your turn to talk, maintain eye contact and speak clearly and in a loud voice. When it's not your turn, sit quietly and listen carefully to what is being said.
  • For many people, it's helpful to think of the rules of the courtroom as similar to the rules of proper behavior at school. There's no chewing gum or smoking. Turn your cell phone off. Show respect for everyone who works in the courtroom, including the clerical and administrative staff.

How Can We Help?

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